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Tuscany Style - Angelika Taschen

ISBN: 3822816426
АВТОР: Angelika Taschen

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...about Tuscan style, Tuscan style homes, Tuscan ... 10 Most inspiring Tuscan Style ideas - Pinterest ... . The warmth and rustic charm of Tuscany is a perfect decorating idea for a casual yet elegant home. Tuscan style is anchored by natural surfaces, which is a perfect fit for relaxed living A Tuscan-style kitchen is welcoming and invites friends to gather there, and is the perfect place to add the colors of Tuscany in your home. Though the natural surfaces and architectural details are key to a ... Update a Tuscan Style Home. June 9, 2019. ... Tuscan | Better Homes & Gardens ... ... Update a Tuscan Style Home. June 9, 2019. If your home is Tuscan style and you are tired of it there is hope for a brighter future. This home was built in the early 2000's and was all out Tuscan: gold beige walls with orange faux paint on the kitchen hood, Travertine floors and busy granite. The cabinets were oak with an orange stain. Tuscan style is elegant but not excessive. Pretty furnishings with rich finishes and decorative fabrics make a graceful statement without getting in the way of the utilitarian nature of each room. A handful of decorative touches -- a carved mirror or piece of wall art and an ornamental light fixture -- are all that is needed to dress a Tuscan room. Tuscan homes have their history traced back to the elegant and country style homes in the Tuscany region of Italy. Originally built on sloping hills, these houses were designed to take in the blissful view of the picturesque countryside. Цена: 9.95 лв. Книга. Tuscany--is there any other region in the world whose name conjures up such powerful images and emotions? For those who have never had the pleasure of a Tuscan sojourn, the simple idea of it is exhilarating; for those who have, the slightest ... The home's exterior is reminiscent of the Tuscan style design with antique wooden flooring, high vaulted ceilings and exposed beams. The home has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and has 8,506 square feet of living space. Some other standout features of the home are its indoor bar, detailed luxury Italian style kitchen, coffee nook, home office ... 29 Elegant Tuscan Kitchen Ideas (Decor & Designs) This gallery showcases elegant Tuscan kitchen ideas including a variety of cabinet styles, flooring, islands and decor. A Tuscan style kitchen brings rich warm tones, Italian architecture and rustic cabinetry together to create a gorgeous space for cooking and dining. A throwback to rural Italian life, Tuscan-style furniture is known for its aged finishes and intricate patterns. If you're a fan of strong textures and an emphasis on natural light, Tuscan-style furniture is a strong candidate. For the complete experience, use travertine or terracotta tiles for flooring along with plaster walls. Named after the idyllic central region of Italy called Tuscany, Tuscan design is a warm and well-loved decorating style tha...