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Queremos ser padres (Chile)

Queremos ser padres (Chile)
Contact Person: Patricia Agrupacion (President)

Tel: +056 972 184 782
Email: [email protected]

Our group, QSP, is a private law entity, nonprofit, destined to come to the aid of couples with infertility problems, collecting and disseminating information on the many root causes, disorders that cause and the consequences in the various spheres of life of people. In this way we intend to identify possible solutions and provide guidance on the different medical centers Human reproduction that exist in the country and qualified professionals in the field.

It is public knowledge the high costs involved, for a couple with fertility problems, access to treatment to achieve conceive a child. Thus, people of low socioeconomiclevela nd much of the middle classes have no acces to such treatments. In other words, the reality is that those families that make up the first three quintiles of income and most of those who compose the fourth quintile, these treatments are prohibitive.

There are more than 350,000 couples suffering from infertility in Chile. Takng charge of this harsh reality, our project aims at further reducing and elimnating the social gap that currently exist to access appropriate medical treatments to overcome infertility problems.

This will continue to see varoius ways to encourage the will of both state and private agencies in Chile and in every country that we can in order to support those couples with infertility problems for which it is very difficult to access such treatments beacause they are all very high cost.