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Association of Childless Couples of Ghana (ACCOG)

Contact person:Nana Yaw Osei (CEO and Co-founder)

Email: [email protected]


Postal address: P. O. Box MD 55,
Ghana, West Africa

Email: [email protected]


The Association of Childless Couples of Ghana (ACCOG) is a Ghanaian non-faith based Non-Governmental Organization established and registered in July 2012 by Mr. & Mrs. Osei (Nana Yaw Osei & Doris Osei), motivated by their own lives' experience, having been married for more than nine years without a child and passionate about contributing to making live better for couples and individuals in the same situation.

Membership is opened to:

  1. All couples in Ghana who have been legally married for at least two (2) years without a child.
  2. Any person who is divorced as a result of childlessness situation.



For childless couples to live together "till death do them part" through mutual understanding and love for each other.


To support members in their quest to have a happy family by providing them with the best services and advocacy to ensure they live happily in societies.


  • To eliminate the stigma associated with childlessness.
  • To build mutual understanding between couples for life free of violence.
  • To provide members interested in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs - IVF, ICSI, IUI) with counseling and /or assistance (in cash or in kind) for treatment.
  • To empower members, especially women, economically and provide them with training and education (Adult Literacy Education).
  • To encourage members to consider adoption as an alternative.
  • To help members meet their material needs especially during retirement since the association shall be seen as "the children" for members.


ACCOG has four (4) focus/main areas namely:

A. Advocacy and Public Education

B. Counseling and Reproductive Healthcare Services

C. Economic Empowerment

D. Adult Literacy Education