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Sos Infertilita Onlus (Italy)

Sos Infertilita Onlus (Italy)
Contact Person: Rossella Bartolucci (Presidente)
Tel: +39 3331 193 705
Email: [email protected]

Sos Infertilità Onlus began its life in april 2006, thank to 5 women with a strong personal and social experience of infertility and its communication.

Their friendship was born around infertility and ART, thank to a dedicated website where they were helping each other with many other women and some man through "among patients informations" about treatmetns, infertility clinics in Italy and abroad and through mutual emotional support.

Their dream was to find a way to transform all this in a territory service, to bring all of this even out of the web, to help infertile people to meet in the real life and help each other, to help them through a dedicated free phone number, in order to reach also those people who, due to their social and professional situation, do not usually surf the net.

This dream has become reality with Sos Infertilità Onlus, who was born even to help italian infertile patients to "survive Law n°40", italian law on ART, the worst in the world, approuved by Italian Parliament in March 2004.

Our association, through national free phone number (in cooperation with Milan Provincial Government) gives useful information about infertility clinics in Italy and abroad, provides psychological support, medical consultation: we provide patient-to-patient consultation and specialistic consultation, with gynechologist and andrologist answering the phone.

The number, calling from Italy, is 800.097.999, every tuesday and thursday from 2.00 p.m to 4.00 pm: if you need english speaking consultant, ask for Rossella.

Our territory services: a recently opened info and support point in Milano Sacco Hospital, congresses, mutual support groups, leaded by our Psychologists, informal meetings with infertility specialists ( gynechologists, andrologists, biologists) from Italy and abroad who explain in understandble words various topics of infertility problems to patients and answer their questions, legal support to couples and legal job to try to change our law on ART.

We also do our best to contribute to the diffusion of information and culture about infertility problems, helping publishing of books and articles.

Rossella Bartolucci

Association Leader