Patient association toolkit

Welcome to the patient association toolkit, developed by the International Consumer Support for Infertility (iCSi) community.

This patient toolkit has been designed to help patient organisations throughout the world effectively set up, run and manage the support they provide for patients in their own country. It is intended for this toolkit to be a resource for you in starting, growing, managing and developing your patient association.

We acknowledge that all patient associations are unique - as are the circumstances, legal requirements and cultural environments in which they operate. As such, this toolkit is not meant to be a definitive resource. Rather, it has been set up to raise issues for you to consider, evaluate and implement as they as relevant to your association.

The information contained in this toolkit has been provided by various patient associations from around the world. We thank them for sharing their knowledge and helping their colleagues in different countries. This 2nd edition was launched at the iCSi Kyoto meeting in 2012.

Please use this toolkit and we'd be happy to hear your feedback and experiences. There is much that the collective iCSi community can share to make our individual efforts better and more effective for those people we represent ... patients requiring ART.

iCSi Patient Toolkit - 2 ed v2 FINAL.pdf