2003: Madrid

The first iCSi meeting was held in Madrid in 2003. 33 patient leaders from 17 countries met to hear presentations and attend workshops on:

• How to manage your support group from Petra Thorn (GER) & Ken Daniels (NZ)
• Dealing with Bad News Reports from Dr Andrea Mechanick Braverman (USA)
• Managing Common Problem areas & Coping with Good News from Dr Elizabeth Grill (USA)
• Pharmaceutical Approaches to Infertility Treatment: An International Overview conducted by Karen Hammond (USA) & Penny O'Donnell (AUS)
• Ageing and infertility addressed by Dr. Isaac Kligman (USA)

A panel also discussed implications for consumers following the publication of the WHO Report on Current Practices and Controversies in Assisted Reproduction. Chaired by Dr Effy Vayena (WHO Geneva), each delegate presented current issues of concern in their home country in relation to legislation, reimbursement and public policy. Following keen interest expressed by delegates, iCSi will establish sub-groups in the regions of Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

These sub groups will bring together patient leaders from 39 countries to exchange information and ideas throughout the year and work together to raise awareness about barriers to infertility treatment in their respective regions.