2005: Copenhagen

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The 2005 iCSI Conference was held in Copenhagen.

A range of patient issues were discussed:

• How can Information sharing in ART reduce stigmatisation and taboo [link to abstract] by Petra Thorn, Germany
• Family building by DI and changes in legislation and its impact on families [link to abstract] by Olivia Montuschi & Walter Merricks, UK
• Information sharing in Asian countries - current discussions and development [link to abstract] by Dr.Yukari Semba & Kiyomi Shimizu, Japan
• Sharing information with adults conceived as a result of donor insemination [link to abstract] by Prof. Ken Daniels, New Zealand
• Infertility treatment: the patient's perspective [link to abstract] by Beverly Hanck, IAAC Canada
• Infertility Treatment and Health Economics [link to abstract] by Dr Maria Granberg - Sweden
• Single Embryo Transfer: the Belgium project [link to abstract] by Prof. dr. Petra De Sutter, Belgium
• New scientific advances: Ovarian Tissue Freezing [link to abstract] by Dr Debra Gook, Australia
• Understanding Oocyte Donation [link to abstract] by Dr Elizabeth Grill, USA

There were also updates from the four Regional Alliances, updates from the ESHRE Patient Leader forum, working groups on overcoming barriers in delegate’s own countries and the usual networking and information sharing!

The Inaugural Patient Leader Award was also presented.