2006: Prague

2006: Prague, Czech Republic

The venue for the 2006 iCSI Conference was in Prague.

Topics for discussion included:
• Is Human Fecundity Declining? by Niels Skakkeback, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen (Denmark)
• Infertility in the Former Eastern Bloc Nations" by Denisa Priadkova, Stork-Bocian (Slovak Republic)
• Examining the E.U. Tissue Directives: Lessons for the World? by Charles Lister, OBE, Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (UK)
• Quality of Infertility Care: Is Clinic Accreditation the Answer? by Jocelyn Smith, LifeQuest Center for Reproductive Medicine (Canada)
• Public Awareness and Attitudes about Infertility: The Results of Recent Public Opinion Polls in the U.S. and New Zealand by Joe Isaacs, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association (USA) and Tess Labett, fertilityNZ (New Zealand)
• iCSi and the ESHRE Patient Leader Forum: A Global Collaborative Opportunity? By Sandra Dill, AM Access (Australia) and Beverly Hanck, Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (Canada)
• Reproductive Tourism - Trends from Asia by Yukari Kawada, IntroMed, Inc. International Fertility Center (Japan)
• Safety of IVF Parents and Children in Sweden since 1982 and Trends in Single Embryo Transfers in Nordic Countries by Karl-Gosta Nygren, Sofiahemmet Hospital, Stockholm (Sweden)
• The Experience of Teenagers and Young Adults Conceived by IVF by Stefan Siegel, Klinikum Bamburg (Germany)
• The Interface between Patient Organizations, Infertility Centers and Care Professionals: Building Bridges for Improved Patient Care by Linda Applegarth, Weill-Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (USA)
• The Emotional Pitfalls of Multiple Pregnancy by Sharon P. Mortimer, Oozoa Biomedical, Inc. (Canada)
• The Psychosocial Aspects of Multi-fetal Pregnancy Reduction by Elizabeth Grill, Weill-Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (USA)
• What Can Be Accomplished? - A Case Study in Success by Durhane Wong-Rieger, Chair, Consumer Advocare Network (Canada)
• Complementary and Collaborative Care in Infertility Treatment by Richard Scott, Medical Director, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (USA)

Concurrent workshop sessions and roundtable discussions also covered a range of topics including:
• Generating Income by Dave Titcomb, Pfizer UK (United Kingdom)
• Effective Media Coverage by Durhane Wong-Rieger, Chair, Consumer Advocare Network (Canada)
• Dealing with Volunteers by Emma Rigby, Capacity Building Director, International Alliance of Patients' Organizations (Belgium)
• Effective Relationships with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Other Corporate Funding Sources led by Clare Brown (UK)
• Gauging and Influencing Public Opinion led by Tess Labett (NZ)
• Optimizing Your Website's Use and Return led by Joe Isaacs (USA)
• Positive Relationships with Health Professionals led by Rita Sambuya, Joyce Fertility (Uganda)
• Innovative Fundraising Ideas (Pamela Madsen, American Fertility Association, USA)