2007: Lyon

2007: Lyon, France

In 2007, the iCSI community met in Lyon.

The agenda for the Conference included:

• Workshop: How to sell your story to broader audiences by Dr Durhane Wong-Rieger (Canada)
• Using health research to improve public policy from Dr Anne Clark (Australia)
• Being sensitive to cultural diversity when supporting patients by Dr Linda Hammer Burns (USA)
• Multiple miscarriage - medical by Dr Andrea Borini (Italy)
• Multiple miscarriage - psychosocial by Uschi van den Brock (Belgium)
• Ethical questions regarding PGD and stem cell research by Dr Guido Pennings (Belgium)
• Surplus embryos, fateful choices: who should decide? by Sandra Dill (Australia)
• PCOS and obesity - growing concerns by Dr Anne Clark (Australia)
• Workshop: Enhancing your political influence in society by Dr Durhane Wong-Rieger (Canada)

The Lyon conference also saw the introduction of the "speed dating" session, where delegates spent five minutes sharing their best strategies for success in dealing with the media, securing reimbursement, influencing government policy or managing their patient association before moving onto another colleague.