Asia-Pacific Infertility Alliance

The Asia-Pacific Alliance provides support to members in the region. Led by Access Australia, FINE in Japan and Fertility New Zealand, this Alliance values the support, input and ideas-sharing of fellow organisations.

The Patient Rights Charter for the Asia-Pacific region is available below.

Patient Rights Charter - Asia Pacific.pdf

Latest from the Alliance

Members of the Alliance (Access Australia and FINE) will be meeting in Tokyo in November to discuss ways the Asia-Pacific Alliance can increase equity of access to quality health services in the region.

FINE has also held a study meeting on infertility treatment in the Japanese Parliament this year.

Legislators of the National Diet of Japan, representatives from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, infertility medical specialists, and representatives from infertility patients organization met together to exchange opinions. This meeting provided a very good opportunity to study infertility from various angles. Not only patients' group, but also medical and political communities gathered in a single place and they listened and exchanged opinions each other candidly and enthusiastically.

Prior to this event, Fine collected signatures of over 13,000 people appealing to ease a financial burden of infertility treatments and petitioned to the Diet in May. At this meeting, Fine shared current situation on how costs of treatments hampered patients financially. Also medical specialists reported on the infertility treatments and how currently these treatments effecting patients financially from doctors' side. Representatives from Equal employment, children and families bureau and Health Insurance Bureau at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare explained current situation on their area of expertise.