European Infertility Alliance

The European Infertility Alliance (EIA) was created in 2003 to proved a place for iCSi European members to discuss common interests and share information from the European region. Soon after, the EIA applied to be a full member of the European Patients' Forum (EPF) of the European Union (EU). This required us to formalise and create statutes.

This formal link has provided valuable opportunities to bring infertility issues to the health agenda of the European Union. The EIA has participated in initiatives to educate MEPs about infertility and has also facilitated access to workshops that have allowed European iCSi members to bring a collective voice and strengthen ties with other European associations.

Latest news

The Drug Information Association (DIA) will be launching their Patient Fellowship programme where they will be awarding a total of 47 fellowships. Winners of the fellowships will have the chance to attend DIA's 22nd annual EuroMeeting in March 2010 in Monaco. This is a great opportunity for your members to network with more than 3,000 professionals in the biopharmaceutical industries, health ministries and more.