About iCSi

The establishment of iCSi was initiated in 1999 by Access Australia in response to requests from patient leaders internationally:

  • To meet and discuss common interests and concerns in managing support groups;
  • Gain insights in how to approach government about reimbursement and access to ART; and
  • Explore ways to work effectively in partnership with ART doctors and allied health professionals to ensure continuing quality in the delivery of ART health care services.

Our Mission

iCSi aims to promote equity of access to high quality, affordable infertility health care services and the involvement of patients in all aspects of treatment and public policy decision making.

iCSi aims to facilitate an inclusive international forum to bring patient leaders together to:

  • Provide them with information in relation to the latest technological advances and research in ART;
  • Discuss psycho-social, ethical and legal ramifications of infertility, its treatment and facilitating living without children;
  • Explore solutions for issues of concern in their home country;
  • Provide training in identified areas to strengthen the work in their home countries;
  • Increase the political effectiveness of patient leaders in their home countries;
  • Develop skills to facilitate the effective organisation of fertility related groups and associations; and
  • Provide educational resources on family building by ART to support the welfare of children thus conceived.

iCSi is a full voting member of IAPO, the International Alliance of Patient Organisations. IAPO is a unique global alliance representing patients of all nationalities across all disease areas and promoting patient-centred healthcare around the world. iCSi has also been represented on the Board of IAPO for four years.