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27 May 2022

From our friends in Argentina ...

CONCEBIR and other patients associations invited a famous artist of our country to paint in front of the Government house a huge painting of about six metres to incerase awareness about infertility we wanted to share the photos with all of you the name of this activity is "art for ART".

16 Oct 2021

Current issues from the UK

The following issues come to us from Pip Reilly in the UK - a collection of issues that are current in the UK and European Union.

Assessing Child Welfare under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act
Breakthrough on fertility after cancer therapy
EPF position statement

13 Dec 2019

The walk in Argentina

In response to government inaction in Argentina, a protest walk in front of the house of government took place involving three infertile patients organisations.

01 Nov 2019

The latest from Argentina

Great things are happening in Argentina!

18 Oct 2019

Reproductive health patients' summit

iCSi hosted a Reproductive Health Patient Summit in Dubrovnik, supported by industry partner Ferring International. Thirteen countries were represented and it was co-chaired by Sandra Dill (iCSi) and Prof Paul Paul Devroey (UZ Brussels).

18 Oct 2019

From our colleague Dorthe in Denmark:

From our colleague Dorthe in Denmark:

17 Jun 2019

CONCEBIR celebrates in Argentina!

Photos and news from the 15th birthday party of CONCEBIR in Argentina.

14 Jun 2019

An update from our friends in Africa

Dear iCSi friends,

I would like to give you some updates taking place at Joyce Fertility Support Centre and in the African Infertility Alliance.

14 Jun 2019

Another example of the benefit of a community

Just another reminder of how the iCSi community needs to work together to achieve our collective aims.

14 Jun 2019

Reproductive health patients' summit

iCSi and Ferring are jointly hosting a reproductive health patients' summit later this year.

15 Nov 2018

Infertile couples in Quebec will benefit from free Assisted Reproductive Treatment

Great news from our friends in Canada! The Quebec Government has honoured a promise to offer infertile couples in Quebec the hope of starting or enlarging their family, regardless of their financial situation. The following media release comes from Bev Hanck.

17 Aug 2018

Fertility - the real story

Many thanks to those of you who promoted the World Infertility Survey.

The findings are available as a full report:

Fertility - The Real Story.pdf

01 Jul 2018

CONCEBIR Annual Congress

On June 5th, CONCEBIR held their 14th cycle of confereces for infertile patients, recognized specialists in human reproduction talk about technological improvements in assisted reproduction treatments. Conferences were focused on how can technology impact on IVF or ICSI treatments.

Estela's report can be accessed below.

25 May 2018

Our colleague Sibel needs our help!

'Dear Friends, I need names (and addresses) of European parliamentarian. If I can get them to send a message our goverment and health ministry saying the new Turkish law does not comply with our EU standard, it would help.'

24 May 2018

A big win for couples in Canada!

In March 2010 the Minister for Health in Quebec announced plans to introduce three free cycles of fertility treatment. Single embryo transfer (SET) is preferred under the new arrangements as the reduction of multiple birth costs are expected to provide savings to help fund the cost of treatment through Quebec's national health scheme.

iCSi member Beverly Hanck from the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada in Montreal has been campaigning tirelessly to achieve public health reimbursement for IVF treatment in Canada, arguing that improved techniques leading to more widely used SET would bring savings to fund treatment. 'This is wonderful news', she said.

04 May 2018

The latest news from Turkey

This article appeared in BioNews 550

Original article by Zeynep Gürtin-Broadbent
Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge

03 May 2018

CONCEBIR participation at iCSi and IAPO


Our colleague Estela Chardon was featured in a blog outlining the participation of CONCEBIR at our Istanbul meeting and the IAPO conference.

See the blog here.

02 May 2018

Focus on Iceland

Iceland has been in the news through volcanic explosions - but did you know of the great work being done to support infertile couples in the country?

10 Dec 2017

The World Infertility Survey needs your help

The World Infertility Survey is interested in the impact of fertility problems on quality of life. They would like to know the views of all those trying to conceive even those who do not need medical treatment. We'd encourage you to participate.

Decision making about your embryos

A team at Cardiff University is conducting research into people's experience with having cryopreserved embryos and is looking for your input. You can access the Decision Making about Your Embryos survey at