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18 Oct 2019

From our colleague Dorthe in Denmark:

"First I would like to thank you all for some very good days in Dubrovnik.

As I was telling you in Dubrovnik we were to have an election in Denmark this year and this happened last Thursday. We in LFUB are very pleased that the opposition won, because everyone from the oppositon that we were in contact with up until the election, all said that they would change the legislation back to the way it used to be. And they also said that they had the money to do so ASAP, so that the patients don't have to wait for years for it to happen.

So I guess the challenge now is to wait and see if they will keep that promise or we will have to continue our mail-storm.

Thanks for all the good advise you gave me too in order to keep the politicians busy.

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards

Dorthe Knudsen"

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